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This is a little manga I wrote to show how a girl’s efforts to make someone hurting smile ends up revealing a similar compassion from the very boy she was trying to comfort. It shows how a little kindness can sometimes seem pointless but it can be contagious and turn around to help the person giving it more than the one receiving it. 

SDOHUFodshuf omg this is so so so so so cute I love iiiit ahhh


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Cocoon and Evolved Metallic Mechanitis Butterfly Chrysalis from Costa Rica 

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oh gosh!

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remember when people choked on cinnamon to entertain the internet

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So I found these and I have to say these are amazing (Obviously not mine of course) but I wanted a master post of these ones. The Dark Elsa is not from the same grouping, but she needed to be included as there is a Light Elsa.

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Please source your art!

(i was able to find all the sources except dark! elsa)


This is like the cutest thing ever. It’s from the gif-set I reblogged.

Taking its first steps, and after successfully doing so, the chick goes “Yay!”


It’s so freaking cute.

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science are u ok


Fucktupled is the only scientific measure I use now,




science are u ok


Fucktupled is the only scientific measure I use now,

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Lets clear this out! 

Yes, we are the couple from the cat pic, but that story is fake! we didnt wrote it!
Fortunately the real story is much more happy. Thats why we decided to upload a photo from our families together, our parents and our sisters! We have supportive families that love us and acept us. Is important to us that you share the real story behind this photo because is much more powerful and positive the true story, and we like to spred the positive message that everything always turn out just fine! you dont have to hide this from your family, they just need time to understand. The soon you tell them the soon you stop suffering and the aceptation process begin. 
Love to all of our followers and please share the real story and the positive message that we want to spred!

Aclaremos esto! 

Si! Somos nosotros los de la foto del gato pero esa historia no es real, nosotros no la escribimos!
Afortunadamente la historia real es mucho mas feliz. Es por eso que decidimos subir esta foto de nuestras familias juntos, nuestros padres y hermanas. Tenemos familias que nos apoyan y nos aceptan. Es importante para nosotros que compartas la historia real detrás de esa foto porque es mucho mas poderosa y positiva que la falsa, y queremos esparcir el mensaje positivo de que todo siempre termina saliendo bien! No tenes q esconderles esto a tu familia, ellos solo necesitan tiempo para entenderlo. Mientras mas rápido se los digas mas rápido vas a dejar de sufrir y el proceso de aceptación va a comenzar mas rápido. 
Cariños a todos nuestros seguidores y por favor compartan la historia real y el mensaje positivo que queremos esparcir!


Reducing an out of context picture of strangers to inspiration porn is so dehumanizing.

Oh internet you are so full of dark and light I just don’t even know what to make of you sometimes!

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"I have tried to let you go and I cannot. I cannot stop thinking of you. I cannot stop dreaming about you."

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